Hinton Community School District Foundation

BACKGROUND: In 2010, the Hinton Community School District Foundation established funds within the Siouxland Community Foundation.

MISSION: The mission of the School Foundation is to generate resources to provide the students of Hinton Community Schools with the best opportunities for learning and becoming successful adults.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Foundation is to help ensure that the Hinton School District maintains its high standards, encourage community involvement, enhance the learning environment, provide opportunities for staff development, assist with upgrading facilities, and grow an endowment to meet future district needs.

The following serve on the Hinton Community School District Foundation Board:
Melissa Willer, President
Jodi Cook
Craig Crees
Tracy Budar
Trever Case
Valerie Kovarna
William Poulson
Allison Poulson

We invite you to invest in our children and community. To continue its work, the School Foundation needs help from people who care about the quality of education – people like you who will commit their time, talent, and resources. Your support is an investment that will help provide improved facilities, learning materials and enrichment opportunities.

Current projects include:

  • General Funds
  • Wellness Center – Goal of $200,000 to assist with purchasing fitness equipment. 
  • Technology in the Classroom – Making technology accessible to all students.

    Donors of $500 or more to the Wellness Center will be recognized with a personalized tile to be installed at the center. 

    Gift Form

    Contributions may be sent to:
    Hinton Community School District Foundation
    c/o Foundation Administrative Office
    505 Fifth Street, Suite 412
    Sioux City, IA 51101

    There is so much more we’d like for you to know.

    For more information and ideas on ways to help provide support, contact Melissa Willer, Board President, at (712) 253-2767 or our Partner, the Siouxland Community Foundation at (712) 293-3303, ext. 11.

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