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A Solid Foundation for Clay County’s Future . . . For good. For ever.

Background: The Clay County Community Foundation (CCCF) is a publicly supported, tax-exempt organization created by and for the people of Clay County to receive gifts from individuals, families, corporations, private foundations, and governmental agencies. These gifts are carefully invested and the income from endowed funds is used to make grants to public charities that best meet the needs of Clay County.

Mission: The mission of the Clay County Community Foundation is to connect donors who care with causes that matter and to serve as a trusted resource for addressing issues that impact the quality of life in Clay County.


A Board of Directors representing each community and the varied interests of Clay County is responsible for governing the Foundation.

Board of Directors:
Bridget Bailey (Spencer, IA), President
Kent Ankerstjerne (Peterson, IA), Vice President
Janet Hoyt-Boyens (Everly, IA), Secretary
Matt Essick (Dickens, IA), Treasurer
Lisa Fahnlander (Royal, IA)
Tonna Parsons (Webb, IA)
Kim Phelps (Everly, IA)
Kate Rinehart (Everly, IA)
Tim Sylvester (Webb, IA)
Kris Todd (Spencer, IA)
Lola Wood (Greenville, IA)

The Clay County Community Foundation provides a simple, powerful and highly personal approach to giving. A local community foundation creates an opportunity for donors to ‘target their charitable giving at home’ and make a lasting difference in their community and county. You don’t have to be wealthy to make a difference. You can have a lasting impact on the quality of life in Clay County, right here, right now, and for years to come. The Community Foundation serves as vehicle to carry out the charitable objectives of donors and offers distinct advantages.

We invite you to partner with the Foundation to create a lasting legacy. Contributions may be sent to Matt Essick, Treasurer, Clay County Community Foundation, P. O. Box 7952, Spencer, IA 51301.

There is so much more we'd like for you to know. For more information and ideas on ways to integrate your financial planning with charitable giving, ask your financial advisor or contact either Bridget Bailey, Board President, at (515) 490-9715 or the CCCF Administrative Office at (712) 293-3303.

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Clay County Community Foundation Grant Guidelines

Application Deadline:    January 15
Final Determinations:     Mid-March

Applications for CCCF Community Betterment Grants are requested from nonprofit organizations and local governmental entities for projects that positively impact quality of life Clay County.

Clay County Community Foundation funds can be used for broad, flexible purposes, including assisting arts and culture, economic development, education, environment, health and human services, recreation areas and supporting high-impact community opportunities. Funds are intended for new projects, or for the enhancement or expansion of existing services, programs, or facilities; on-going operational expenses of an organization are not eligible for grant funding.

Eligibility: Eligible CCCF Community Betterment Grant applicants are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and units of local government. Generally, CCCF will not consider grants for religious purposes, political activities, endowment, annual fund drives, individuals, capital campaigns, budget deficit, endowment, or general operating expenses.

CCCF Prioritized Needs (in no particular order):
Economic Development/Quality Job Creation – Focus is on innovative, nontraditional economic development activities, i.e. youth entrepreneurial development programs, artist entrepreneurship programs, micro-enterprise lending programs, etc.

Activities (Cultural, Recreational, Social, and Educational) – Special emphasis is placed on activities that bring people together throughout the county, and that bring people to the county.

Utilize and Support Existing Organizations, Resources, Services, and Facilities that Contribute to Quality of Life – Includes projects to more effectively market or make services and programs more fully available to people, whether through better marketing, or through efforts to accommodate employed parents’ schedules, or the scheduling preferences or requirements of senior citizens, youth, individuals with special needs, etc.

Parks and Outdoor Recreation Facilities – This includes trails, campgrounds, and other recreational facilities.

Review of Grant Applications
The factors considered in reviewing the grant applications are as follows:

1. Applicant’s Ability to Carry Out Project: (0 to 5 points)
Does applicant have a record of effective service? Is the applicant qualified and prepared to take on the proposed project? Is there broad community support (volunteers and financial) for the project?

2. Need and Impact: (0 to 30 points)
What need, problem or issue will be addressed by the project? How was the need identified? Does the proposed project address one or more of the Clay County Community Foundation’s prioritized needs? (If so, which ones?) What other resources are available to fund or undertake the project? What other funding sources have been considered and explored? Why is a CCCF Community Betterment Grant needed to make this project happen? What will be the result of this project? Describe the individuals impacted by this project. How will Clay County communities be enhanced or improved by this project? What other future spin-off effects are anticipated?

3. Budget: (0 to 5 points)
How much is being requested from CCCF for this project? What is the total cost of the project? What is the source of other funds being provided for this project? Is the budget realistic? Is the funding amount requested appropriate?

4. Evaluation and Sustainability: (0 to 10 points)
What are the expected outcomes of this project? How will those outcomes be measured? Will this be a one-time event, or an on-going project? If it is intended to be on-going, how will it be sustained?

Grant requests may range from a $500 minimum to a $10,000 maximum.

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